Divination Services:

Snow’s primary divination tool is the Runes.  She mostly reads from the Elder Futhark, although on request she can also use the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.  For more in-depth divinations, Snow marries the Runes and Tarot Cards to get as clear a picture of the situation as possible.

Three Norns Reading

$20.00 for 15 minutes

Past/Present/Future reading in either Runes or Tarot.

Throw the Bones Reading

$40.00 for 30 minutes

All Runes cast and interpreted with photo.

Tree of Life Reading:

$40.00 for 30 minutes

Traditional Celtic Cross Tarot Reading interpreted with photo.

The Rainbow Bridge Reading

$75.00 for a full hour personalized reading. With photos and interpretation.

Clergy Services:

As an Ordained member of the Clergy, Snow enjoys crafting Rites of Passage that suit the individual, couple, or family that are recognized by the State.  

Clergy services include Baby Naming, Adulthood, Marriage, Funerals, Divorces (cord cutting) and other Life Transitions.  She also is available on occasion for Prison Ministry work and for Hospital/Hospice visitation.  Price varies based on distance to travel.

Pastoral Counseling:

Sometimes an individual or a family is struggling with their relationship to the divine.  While Snow is not a licensed therapist, when someone needs help in their relationship to the divine, the landspirits, or the ancestors, Snow is available to listen and offer insight, develop rituals to help, and connect people with other resources.

Other Services: 

On occasion, there is the need for a service not listed here.  Please reach out, and if Snow cannot accommodate you, she will do her best to assist you in finding someone who can.

Heathen Guidance from a Feminist Perspective:

Modern Heathenry can be challenging to practice in a honest and inclusive way. The path can be fraught with those who would use it to promote racial injustice or harm.

Let Snow help you find an honorable path to walk toward the ancient gods. They’re waiting for you.